Consultant and Coach
for SME Businesses

enabling businesses to grow profits
by at least 20% a year


You must always examine what’s working, evolve your ideas and change the way you do things

Mark Benioff, CEO Salesforce

Welcome to Globaleap

Globaleap is a consultancy focused on unleashing the potential of SME’s to grow their businesses by over 20% year on a consistent basis. Our core methodology is in using the power of pricing, combined with developing high performing sales capability and finding innovative new channels to market.

Our goal is to deliver incremental profit growth, which is the key metric in ensuring a company’s future stability. Some businesses focus on increasing revenue, market share or volume, but we strongly believe that profit should be the main driver, especially for SME’s.


Pricing Solutions

With over 25 years in international roles with some well-known consumer brands, I am more convinced than ever that price is the key differentiator in determining profit growth.

Sales Capability

The sales team, whether in an SME or multi-national, are the engine room of the organisation. They will determine how profitable or not the business becomes.

Channel Growth

I have successfully scaled up a business into a global operation several times, and of course this option remains a choice to SME’s.

Coaching & Board

In addition to our core businesses services, Chris Howard, as an experienced senior level executive, brings an added dimension to SME’s requiring that bit more for their business.

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