About Globaleap

Globaleap is a consultancy focused on unleashing the potential of SME’s to grow their businesses by over 20% year on a consistent basis. Our core methodology is in using the power of pricing, combined with developing high performing sales capability and finding innovative new channels to market.

Our goal is to deliver incremental profit growth, which is the key metric in ensuring a company’s future stability. Some businesses focus on increasing revenue, market share or volume, but we strongly believe that profit should be the main driver, especially for SME’s.

Increasing profits is at the core of our DNA.

We also deliver real value back to our clients.

Our costs are typically set so that our customers get a return of at least 10 times their investment in terms of profit growth. So, for every 10,000 spent we would aim to deliver at least 100,000 in return. In fact, we have often far exceeded this number and are happy to discuss previous cases with you.

Although we work with a wide range of businesses, our core customer would have a revenue of between 5m and 50m. We are of course happy to work with smaller and larger businesses on both coaching and consultancy projects.

Chris Howard, our Founder, has operated at main board level for several years in a major international organisation and brings a rich seam of experience to SME’s requiring an independent director, NED, board advisor and business coach.