Pricing Solutions

Pricing is all about customer value. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.


With over 25 years in international roles with some well-known consumer brands, I am more convinced than ever that price is the key differentiator in determining profit growth.  Of course, large brands often want market dominance and ever-increasing volumes, but without profits, there is little substance to a business’s purpose’.

This has become even more evident in economic downturns. New tech-focused business start-ups have concentrated almost entirely on growing market share and leveraging debt and have found themselves severely exposed by not generating sufficient levels of cash in times of crisis.

We will work with you in a clear and open way to deliver a new long-term pricing strategy. And lift your profits accordingly.

Pricing is an art. They can be increased without having a price increase. They can motivate a sales team. They can be innovative in entering a new product or channel.

You are the expert in your business. We are experts in pricing. Together we can create a great solution that brings real value to your business.

Here are a few ways we work with clients:


Pricing Strategy
New Product pricing
Price coaching

Price Training

In house workshops
Sales team training
Training courses


Guest speaker

Here are a few reasons why clients turn to us:

Not sure how to price in a crisis

Launching new products or services and need guidance on where to price

They are worried about rising costs putting pressure on margins

Frustrated with sales teams leading with price and using discounts to secure a sale

Nervous about raising prices and the negative reaction of customers

They don’t have a clear strategy on pricing and need sorting out

In a highly competitive market and always following pricing, not leading

Examples of our work are as follows

Membership organisation (non-profitable): we restructured key account pricing and introduced new fees for smaller businesses to generate between £185K to £410K incremental profit. 

Manufacturer in construction sector – we reviewed full range of c.200 product lines and increased prices by net 4.7% to deliver incremental profit of £700K with 5% volume growth. 

Global exhibitions company – created a new “easier to sell” pricing strategy that will deliver €700K improvement to margins.


Globaleap operates its pricing model under license with PriceMaster, an established UK-based pricing consultancy focussed on the SME sector. We have worked across several sectors and are pleased to have delivered pricing solutions resulting in an increase of profits of between 15% to 52%. References available.